The Best Lightweight Bike Locks 2023

best lightweight bike lock

As a passionate cyclist, you’re likely aware of the significance of owning the best lightweight bike lock. Regrettably, bike theft is on the rise as more individuals opt to frequently use their bicycles. Don’t let your bike become a victim. Protect it now with a lightweight lock before it’s too late.

Why opt for a lightweight lock? The key reason is its portability. You’re going to carry it all the time and you’d naturally prefer to keep your load as light as can be. Rest assured, there are lightweight but robust bike locks available that offer nearly as much security as their heavier counterparts. You only need to know where to find them.

10 Best Lightweight Bike Lock Reviews

THREO Portable Bike Lock Password Steel Chain

THREO Portable Bike Lock Password Steel Chain

The THREO Portable Bike Lock Password Steel Chain is engineered to prioritize your bike’s safety. Easy to carry and even more convenient to use, this lock significantly improves your cycling adventures by making security a stress-free aspect.

With an innovatively set 5-digit password, the likelihood of theft is considerably lessened. Moreover, the lock material is sturdy and resistant to harsh weather conditions and impact, offering an additional layer of protection.

The non-damaging design of this THREO steel chain is an added bonus. With its well-finished smooth surface, the cable guarantees not to leave any unsightly marks or scratches on your bicycle. This is a clear sign of thoughtful product design that pays attention to both functionality and aesthetics.

The convenience the THREO bike lock offers is unparalleled. The elimination of keys means you no longer need to worry about misplacing them or fumbling for them in your bag. The password setting feature ensures quick and hassle-free access to your bike wherever your journeys take you.

  • Enhanced security with a 5-digit password for reduced theft chances
  • Robust material resistant to adverse weather conditions and impact, providing added protection
  • Non-damaging design that prevents marks and scratches on your bike
  • Convenient and quick usage with password setting, eliminating the need for keys
  • Portability is ensured by a specially designed mount for easy transportation
  • Compact size, making it an effortless carry-along accessory for every ride

Master Lock Bike Lock Cable

Master Lock Bike Lock Cable

This item is a sleek bicycle lock that you can easily secure around your bike’s frame; it doesn’t come with any large components that could potentially hinder your movements. Furthermore, it’s the most lightweight lock on the market, eliminating the concern of added weight slowing your ride.

It’s also a combination lock, eliminating the risk of losing keys. The lock is delivered with a default combination that you have the option to change at any point based on your preference. However, it’s required to use the same four numbers in a different arrangement, making it more secure in my view.

The lock’s cable is robust and densely woven, posing a significant challenge to thieves wielding bolt cutters. Additionally, the cable is of sufficient length to fasten two bikes simultaneously, giving an option to doubly secure one single bike to a stationary object.

The cable is coated in vinyl to avoid scratching the bike’s paintwork, protect the cord from moisture which could cause rust and corrosion, and further deter bolt cutters by increasing thickness.

However, there’s one significant drawback with this lightweight bike lock; the cable can be forcibly pulled out of the lock with a little exertion. There have been numerous cases where this Master Lock has been outmaneuvered by bike thieves due to this flaw.

  • Its compact size allows for convenient portability
  • Simple to operate as it’s a combination lock
  • Constructed with robust and long-lasting braided cable
  • Eliminates the need to lug around keys
  • The lock casing is somewhat weak

Bell QuickZip Zip-Tie Multi-Purpose Combo Lock

Bell QuickZip Zip-Tie Multi-Purpose Combo Lock

If you are in need of a lightweight bike lock suitable for quick and visible stops or errands, this product might be just what you need. Featuring a design akin to a large zip tie, complete with a similar sound upon securing, it weighs slightly over one hundred grams, making it virtually unnoticeable when carried.

The package includes two locks, offering increased functionality. For example, one lock can be utilized to secure your helmet to the bike, while the other can be used to fasten the bike itself. Furthermore, the locks can be connected to enclose larger than standard objects.

The combination dial is user-friendly and easily resettable in case you forget the password. The locks are equipped with a special key designed for resetting the lock by inserting it into the side and giving it a twist. It’s a handy feature for those of us who tend to forget passcodes. Additionally, the embossed numbers are easy to read, even in dim lighting scenarios.

The strap is impressively robust. Though it might appear to be purely plastic, it contains a strip of heavy-duty metal inside for additional strength and resilience. This design prevents the lock from being forcibly opened. That being said, a thief armed with tin snips would easily bypass this lock.

This lock is not recommended for long-term security purposes such as overnight protection, particularly in extremely cold conditions. More experienced thieves could easily cut through it. It is primarily intended for quick errands where your bike remains within sight. While it may deter some potential thieves, it won’t deter all.

  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Pairs well with another Quick Zip lock
  • Convenient to utilize and adjustable combination dial
  • Boasts a robust 4mm wide core
  • Ideal for brief, quick halts
  • The strap is not resistant to extremely low temperatures

West Biking Folding Bike Lock

West Biking Folding Bike Lock

While this bike lock may not be the smallest available on the market, its compact design is ideal for your everyday carry bag, and it features a user-friendly carrying bracket that attaches seamlessly to your bike’s frame.

I opted to install mine under the seat, ensuring it’s out of sight yet within easy reach while preserving space for my water bottle holder. For use, I simply reach down and remove the lock from its spot.

The lock exudes sturdiness without being excessively heavy. When stretching out the chain, it’s clear from its appearance that this is a robust lock, with it boasting resilient metal links held together with industrial-grade rivets.

As a proficient hobbyist lock picker, I found this product’s locking mechanism to be a challenging opponent. While it’s not entirely impervious to picking, I was only able to unlock it using specialized equipment after an extended period. By positioning the lock at a difficult-to-pick angle, it becomes less likely thieves would attempt forced entry.

While the chains lack the common rubber or vinyl sleeve, they’re coated in a rubberized lacquer that guards against moisture penetration and potential rusting. This also protects your bike’s paint from potential scratches. Unlike other foldable chain locks, this product’s length allows it to secure both the bike’s tire and frame concurrently, enhancing its security.

My only issue with this product reflects on the carrying bracket and not the lock itself. There have been a couple of occasions where the lock dislodged from the bracket during a bumpy ride.

  • Includes a specially designed carrying bracket
  • The chain is made from sturdy, yet lightweight zinc alloy
  • Features a dual-sided locking cylinder for enhanced security
  • The keys are serialized for convenient replacements
  • The chain is covered with a rubberized lacquer to avoid scratches
  • Slight looseness is noted in the carrying bracket

OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Lock

OTTOLOCK Combination Bike Lock

The primary appeal of this bicycle lock is its exceptionally lightweight and portable nature. When coiled, the lock can easily fit in one’s hand, making it compact enough to be stowed away in a bag or pouch.

This lock is optimal for short stops due to its quick deployment capabilities. Simply unfurl the band, halt your bike around a stable post, and secure the end back into the locking device.

Another appealing feature is its combination lock mechanism, eliminating the stress of losing keys. Furthermore, the combination can be reset, ensuring that even if you forget your code, you can still unlock your bike – a task too complex for potential thieves to crack.

One other advantage is the lock’s consideration of your bike’s aesthetics. The metal band is enveloped in a thick plastic coating, preventing it from scratching your bike’s frame. Having used this lock multiple times, I can attest to its non-abrasive nature.

The entire lock, inclusive of the band and locking mechanism, is both waterproof and weatherproof due to the plastic coating. Therefore, rain or adverse conditions won’t affect it, preventing rust or corrosion. This includes the combination tumblers, which function as smoothly as ever without any binding.

However, there is a key flaw. Despite the metal band’s function to secure your bike, it can be quickly cut with inexpensive tin snips, making it poorly suited as your main bike’s locking system. It’s most appropriate for brief stops when entering shops and should only be used when the bike is within sight. Prolonged unsupervised periods using this lock are not recommended.

  • Portable and user-friendly
  • The combination lock design eliminates the need for keys
  • The metal band is protected with a durable plastic coating, preventing scratches
  • Resistant to the effects of weather and water
  • Various lengths are available
  • Recommended for brief stops since it can be effortlessly cut using tin snips

Kryptonite New York Standard Bike U-Lock

Kryptonite New York Standard Bike U-Lock

Upon first handling this lock, its solid construction and slight heftiness are immediately noticeable, a testament to its stringent security design which makes it practically impervious to brute force.

The lock’s shackle is crafted from hardened steel and measures 16mm in thickness, presenting a significant challenge for bolt cutters attempting to shear through it. An angle grinder would also struggle to swiftly cut through the shackle. The crossbar is similarly constructed from hardened steel, making it an equally formidable obstacle.

The lock incorporates a double deadbolt system within its operational mechanism, enhancing its security capabilities. This mechanism is centrally placed in the lock’s cylinder to mitigate leverage attacks. For optimal security, it is recommended to position the lock to restrict access for potential thieves. The shackle’s length comfortably accommodates both the frame and rear wheel of your bike.

One major advantage is that the mere sight of securing your bike with a U-lock can be a substantial deterrent for potential thieves. Bike thieves typically seek easy targets and are likely to steer clear of bikes secured with a sturdy-looking lock such as this one.

The notable drawback is its weight. While it falls shy of being overly heavy, it’s not particularly lightweight either. The addition of a carrying bracket is a helpful feature, sparing you from having to stow the lock in your bag during each outing.

  • Built with robust materials, providing a solid feel
  • Extremely difficult to forcibly open or cut through
  • Provides ample space to secure both the frame and rear wheel
  • Resistant to various weather conditions
  • Serves as an effective anti-theft device
  • Despite its effectiveness, it’s rather bulky and not very lightweight

THREO Bike Anti-Theft Steel Cable Chain Lock

Sanwo Security Bike Lock

This compact bicycle lock cable features a straightforward combination lock mechanism, eliminating concerns over lost keys. Moreover, you can effortlessly reset the code, a function I appreciate as I frequently alter my codes for additional security.

This lock is both compact and lightweight. Although it doesn’t condense into a smaller size like coil locks, simply wrapping it around your bike’s frame suffices for transportation. It’s ideal for brief neighborhood rides interspersed with spontaneous short stops.

The cable extends about 25 inches, an ample length to secure the frame, rear wheel, and a stationary object. If needed, you can link two cables to encompass the front wheel too. Besides bikes, I also employ them to secure my luggage during travel.

A rubber coating encloses the metal cable to mitigate any damage to your bike’s frame. The lock component is also housed in a plastic casing. In addition to safeguarding your bike’s paintwork, the rubber adds a layer of protection against water penetration, thwarting potential rust and corrosion that can interfere with the locking system.

However, this lock isn’t intended for securing bikes in high-risk areas, as no lightweight lock can adequately provide such security. A basic cable cutter can swiftly breach the lock. Therefore, this lock is strictly recommended for use in low-risk environments only.

  • Combination lock that’s straightforward to set and reset
  • Convenient and rapid to utilize
  • Compact and light in weight
  • Sufficiently long to secure both the frame and rear wheel
  • Rubber covering to prevent the occurrence of scratches
  • Designed for quick stops only, as it can be swiftly cut using basic cable cutters

Titanker Bike Cable Lock

Titanker Bike Cable Lock

One advantage of this bike lock is its capability to extend up to 4 feet, providing ample length to secure both the bike’s frame and rear wheel. Moreover, I found it equally effective for securing items around my home, like my tool cabinet and grill.

Conveniently, setting and resetting the code on this lock is a breeze, requiring no tools. I simply twisted the lock mechanism, adjusted the code, and twisted it back. As I own multiple locks and frequently confuse their codes, I found this feature particularly useful.

Another appeal of these lightweight bike locks is the array of vivid colors available. If you’re inclined to coordinate your bike and lock, you’re certain to find a suitable color. Alongside improved aesthetics, the vibrant colors enhance visibility, making it easy to locate in case of misplacement. I also purchased a couple of locks for my children, and they’re fond of the color options.

The lock’s rubber coating is sufficiently thick to prevent moisture ingress, protecting both the metal cable and lock mechanism from rust and seizing. The rubber layer also prevents the lock from scratching your bike’s paintwork.

However, I do have a concern with this lock – the cable feels somewhat weak, which doesn’t inspire full confidence. The overall diameter of the cable, including the rubber casing, measures around 12mm, but the internal metal cable is approximately 5mm thick. A basic cable cutter could easily sever it within seconds.

  • Expands up to a length of 4 feet
  • Simple to establish and reset the code
  • Available in several colors
  • Fully resistant to diverse weather conditions
  • Won’t cause any scratches on your bicycle’s frame
  • The steel cable housed within the rubber casing is quite thin, which makes it easily cuttable

THREO Bike Combination U Lock

USHAKE Bike Combination U Lock

The standout feature of this bike lock is its 10mm thick shackle composed of hardened steel. This robust material offers resistance to large bolt cutters, and while it doesn’t guarantee absolute security against a highly motivated thief, it does deter most thieves due to the time it would take to break the lock.

As someone who often forgets to carry essential items, a combination lock like this one is an excellent choice. It eliminates the worry of losing keys or leaving them behind at home. All I need to do is program the lock with a familiar code for effortless access.

Moreover, I appreciate the convenience of altering my code periodically to enhance security. I can effortlessly do so via a small panel beneath the lock, which can be opened with a screwdriver. The process is as simple as toggling a switch from A to B with the original code in place while setting the new code.

What sets this U-lock apart is the shackle’s size, which can secure the frame and the rear wheel to a bollard comfortably. Contrastingly, other U-locks typically secure only the frame, leaving the wheels exposed to potential theft. This concern is mitigated with this lock.

However, there’s a downside to this lock: its weight. Holding it in your hands, you can easily infer its solid steel construction, which pushes the weight to nearly a pound. If you intend to keep your ride light, you might want to reconsider opting for this lock.

  • The 10mm thick shackle presents a significant challenge to cut through
  • Features a combination lock, eliminating the worry about keys
  • The passcode is simple to alter
  • Equipped with a sufficiently long shackle to secure both the frame and rear wheel
  • Constructed to be heavy-duty; highly effective in deterring thieves
  • On the downside, it is quite weighty

THREO Portable Bike Lock

ABUS Bordo Folding Lock

One of the appealing aspects of this bike lock, similar to the compact bike lock, is its ability to fold down to a small size, comparable to a slightly large Swiss army knife. It is even lighter than that. With the accompanying carrying bracket, you might not even notice it’s attached to your bike, as I’ve failed to remember it a few times.

Instead of using a cable, this lock is comprised of 5mm thick steel plates chained together. Impressively, its robustness prevents commonplace tools from cutting through it. However, it should be noted that its toughness is not an absolute guarantee against bike theft. Persistent thieves may eventually break it.

Due to my tendency to regularly forget keys, I find combination locks like this one highly beneficial. Unlike most locks I’ve tested, this one utilizes a four-digit code, adding a significant level of difficulty for anyone attempting to break it. Moreover, resetting the code is straightforward, which suits me as I prefer changing my codes weekly.

One of the top advantages of such small bike locks is their potential to deter most bike thieves. Although the manufacturer has admitted that the lock can be breached using specialized tools, it’s unlikely that many thieves carry such tools at all times. Most are on the lookout for an easy target and tend to avoid strong-looking locks such as this one.

The only drawback I have found with this lock is its limited length. The use of plates rather than a cable restricts its flexibility, which means that if you’re securing your bike to a large post, you may find the chain too short to wrap around both the frame and rear wheel.

  • Collapses into an easily portable and lightweight shape
  • The 5mm thick bars are challenging to cut without specific tools
  • Features a combination lock, rendering keys unnecessary
  • Serves as an effective deterrent to potential thieves
  • The lock can be easily reset
  • However, the lock’s length is rather short

Key Features When Purchasing a Lightweight Bike Lock

lightweight bike lock

Having explored some options within the lightweight bike lock market, attention should now be given to the important features when making your selection. Here are a few to consider:


Arguably the most significant factor in a bike lock is its durability. You certainly wouldn’t want a lock that could easily be broken by a potential thief. Opt for a lock that incorporates a thick, robust chain or shackle, ideally, one not easily severed by standard tin snips.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a completely indestructible, impossible-to-pick lock. Nevertheless, some locks are strong enough to significantly delay thieves, allowing others to take notice.


A bike lock shouldn’t be so complex that it’s difficult for the user to open or close. Setting or removing the lock should take just a few moments.

For instance, a lightweight U-lock can typically be fixed around the frame and rear wheel of a bike and attached to a post within a minute, and removed in mere seconds.

Security Rating

The security rating of a bike lock is determined by its durability and the complexity of picking the lock. A robust lock is useless if it can be easily picked. Similarly, a lock with a complex locking system is of no value if it’s poorly constructed.

A quality bike lock effectively combines material durability and lock strength. Labels usually contain a rating system, typically indicating suitability for various locations, such as high to moderate-crime areas.


If you enjoy brief bike rides and regularly park in low-risk areas, a lightweight bike lock might suffice. These types of locks are compact and don’t exceed 100-200g.

Bear in mind that lightweight locks are generally less secure than heavier alternatives, so it’s advisable to use them only for brief stops in low-risk locations.


When considering the safety and security of your bike, it’s inadvisable to make compromises. However, if you need a lock for a swift stop and prefer something less heavy and bulky, opt for the best lightweight bike lock available.

Keep in mind that while not all lightweight locks offer substantial security, many can at least delay bike thieves, hopefully enough for you to intervene and protect your bike.

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