The Best Backpacks for Bike Commuting 2023

bike commuter backpack

Today, our team is set to evaluate the top ten biking commuter backpacks that are ideal for cycling commuters. The bike has been widely lauded as an excellent form of transportation for various activities, including routine commuting. Whether for running errands, grocery shopping, or daily trips to and from work, cycling often proves to be the fastest and most effective mode of transport.

However, in my experience, cyclists also need to pack their gear, equipment, and other necessities for these activities. This emphasizes the importance of a cycling commuter backpack for maximizing the rider’s comfort during daily journeys. In this evaluation, we plan to endorse the most dependable bike commuting backpacks that have met our standards through rigorous testing, research, and feedback from other cyclists. Our aim is to aid others in selecting the perfect cycling commuting backpack for their everyday use.

Best Bike Commuter Backpack Reviews

THREO Foldable Travel Backpack Outdoor Bag

THREO Foldable Travel Backpack Outdoor Bag

The THREO Foldable Travel Backpack Outdoor Bag is a stand-out essential for all travel and outdoor enthusiasts. Engineered for superior comfort and adaptability, this backpack makes carrying essentials on all your adventures an absolute breeze. Resistant to any weather conditions, this fantastic accessory maintains its form and functionality effectively.

This THREO backpack scores high in terms of practicality. With a large carrying capacity, this bag ensures you have all you need for your outdoor travels comfortably housed. Additionally, its side pockets for bottles add convenience to your trips, allowing for easy access to hydration necessities on the go.

Unique among its many features is the foldable design. Whenever not in use, this backpack can be folded away, saving valuable storage space. Travelers and campers who often face limited luggage allowance will find this a perfect solution that offers full functionality without consuming excessive space.

It is made with lightweight materials that ensure a minimal load on your shoulders. Whether you plan to embark on long hikes or just enjoy the city’s sights, this backpack remains user-friendly and easy to carry throughout the day.

Adjustability is another key strength of this backpack. The shoulder straps can be customized to fit you perfectly. They offer balanced weight distribution, effectively relieving pressure on your body and ensuring comfortable wearing for extended periods.

The THREO Backpack is also waterproof, ensuring all your personal items stay dry regardless of the weather. This fantastic feature safeguards all your possessions anytime, anywhere.

  • The Threo backpack offers ample space to conveniently store all your necessities during your trips
  • The backpack’s foldable feature makes it incredibly portable and easy to store when it’s not in use
  • Made from a light material, it ensures comfortable carry, even for extended periods of time
  • The adjustable shoulder straps enable a snug fit and balanced weight distribution, alleviating any undue stress on your body
  • This feature ensures all your items remain dry, giving you peace of mind regardless of weather conditions
  • The shoulder straps are crafted from mesh fabric, preventing sweat build-up

THREO Waterproof Backpack

THREO Waterproof Backpack

The THREO Waterproof Climbing Backpack Camping Bag is a testament to superior design, durable construction, and practical organization, making it an ideal companion for all outdoor adventures.

Security is paramount with this THREO backpack, evidenced by its high-quality zippers. These durable zippers ensure the safety of your belongings, keeping everything securely inside even during rugged outdoor activities. The smooth closure also ensures quick and easy access to your items.

The thoughtful division of the backpack into separate compartments makes organization and accessibility a breeze. You can effortlessly locate your items without wasting time rummaging. The external pockets provide quick access to smaller handy items like phones, while the side bottle holder ensures efficient hydration during your journey.

Made with high-quality material alongside tight stitching, this backpack promises to withstand the test of time. This durability aspect translates to long-term savings by minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Ensuring the protection of your personal items amidst varying weather conditions, the backpack’s waterproof feature is a standout. No matter what the weather forecast predicts, your belongings stay dry within this backpack.

Notably, the shoulder straps and waist belt are adjustable, providing a perfect, customized fit. This feature effectively balances weight distribution, relieving pressure on your body during strenuous activities.

Furthermore, the backpack features a breathable mesh back panel that promotes active air circulation. This ventilation mechanism ensures a cool and comfortable experience throughout your adventure, keeping discomfort at bay.

  • Secure storage with high-quality zippers
  • Separate compartments for easy organization and accessibility
  • Durable construction with high-quality material for long-lasting use
  • Waterproof feature to protect belongings in any weather conditions
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt for a personalized fit
  • Breathable mesh back panel for efficient cooling during lengthy activities
  • Fashionable design combining practicality with style

Osprey Hiking Backpack

Osprey Radial Bike Commuter Backpack

Biking to work could be an enjoyable experience, provided you have adequate storage for all your essentials. Lacking enough space can make the journey quite inconvenient, making this Osprey commuter bike backpack a perfect choice. Counted among the best work commute cycling backpacks, it is loaded with features that prioritize biker comfort.

A highlight of this product is its unique design with specialist compartments. It effectively segregates your biking necessities from the items you use daily. The backpack has dedicated pockets for different essentials, categorized by usage.

For instance, it incorporates a Lidlock attachment point to secure your helmet when not in use. There’s a laptop sleeve in the main compartment if you’re carrying your device to work, alongside large zippered pockets to store clothing, shoes, and other equipment. It also features a side pocket for small items like mobile phones and a pocket for sunglasses and similar smaller items.

Another excellent feature is the adjustable airspeed back panel. Its back mesh design aids ventilation, reducing excessive sweating often caused by stiff foam packaging. Based on my experience, excessive back sweat can be very uncomfortable, an issue that can be averted with this bag’s proper ventilation.

The backpack can also expand via a zippered pack expansion feature if more storage space is needed. Additionally, it comes with a rain cover to shield it from rain and an integrated kickstand to keep it upright at all times.

  • With its distinct and tailored design, which features a main compartment and side pockets, ample storage space is ensured
  • It is furnished with a cushioned laptop sleeve and a separate pocket for clothes within the main compartment
  • Extra storage space is provided by the zippered side pocket and a slash pocket
  • For ideal ventilation and rider comfort, it comes with an adjustable mesh back panel
  • The backpack also features an integrated kickstand to ensure it remains in an upright position
  • A rain cover is included for weatherproofing
  • The laptop compartment is devoid of a zipper

Riderbag Reflective Backpack

Riderbag Reflective Backpack

Bike commuting has become a popular means of transportation for many. Its main advantage lies in the flexibility it offers, allowing individuals to bypass traffic and circumvent the stress of chasing public transport. However, carrying various items can pose a logistical challenge, an issue easily remedied by Riderbag’s best commuter backpack for bikers.

Contrasting this product to the previous one reviewed, differences in design and color are the most noticeable. The color variances are anticipated, but the design difference is significant. This commuter backpack offers ample space and features adjustable waist and chest straps to secure the bag while cycling. Unlike the first product, this cycling accessory does not have a curved design.

In terms of quality, the bag is robustly constructed and serves both storage and visibility purposes. Edge clips help reduce bag width when carrying fewer items, providing cyclist stability on the road. Additionally, the sturdy internal pockets can accommodate many small items, and the torso belts prove beneficial while navigating challenging trails on foot or bike.

With a storage capacity of approximately 35 liters, this backpack offers one of the most expansive spaces among its counterparts. It provides multiple compartments for storing all biking essentials and other items needed for your journey. Spaces allotted for a laptop and water bottle are also included, and it can comfortably fit clothes, jackets, and other emergency items if required.

Besides offering storage solutions, this commuter backpack also enhances cyclist safety due to its bright colors and reflective materials, increasing visibility during night cycling. Additional features like the helmet net, backpack cover, and survival keychain elevate the appeal of this top-rated commuter backpack.

  • Constructed from high visibility materials with a bright color for enhanced cyclist visibility
  • The bag offers additional comfort through the extra padding on the back, and the straps ensure breathability during use
  • Fabricated with water-resistant material and comes with a waterproof cover for the backpack
  • It offers versatile usage, making it suitable for various activities beyond commuting
  • Provides a generous storage capacity of up to 35 liters
  • Accommodates a keychain and helmet net
  • The extra straps provided are short and lack locking mechanisms

Two Wheel Gear Alpha Pannier Backpack

Two Wheel Gear Alpha Pannier Backpack

Bike commuting offers numerous health advantages, but it’s essential to have the right backpack to comfortably store all your belongings for a smooth ride. One such option is the backpack from Two Wheel Gear, which not only serves as a traditional backpack but can also be converted into a pannier bag if your bike has a rack.

The key perk of this commuter backpack lies in its adaptability. It can function as a reliable backpack to store everything you need for your ride and can transform into a pannier bag to be fastened to a bike rack, sparing you the burden of carrying it.

The backpack’s organized inside storage is another benefit, providing easy access to items as needed. It features multiple compartments, including a laptop sleeve, bottle pockets, U-lock storage, phone pocket, pen holders, key leash, and internal mesh zip pockets, allowing users to neatly arrange their essentials. Additionally, there’s still room to accommodate additional items if required.

With a maximum capacity of 30 liters, the bag provides ample space for all your riding essentials and other items you intend to carry. The mesh pocket separating the main compartment, along with dedicated pockets for devices, makes the bag highly functional.

However, a slight drawback is the zipper quality. The resistance encountered when opening or closing it could be improved. It would be beneficial if the company switched to higher-quality zippers.

  • Offers ample storage options with numerous pockets and mesh compartments
  • Constructed with durable fabric which maintains the bag’s shape effectively
  • Features a wide opening for easy retrieval of items
  • Equipped with clips for simple attachment to the bike rack
  • Allows for convenient laptop access without needing to open the entire backpack
  • The quality of the zippers is below average

Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

This Timbuk2 product is among the brilliantly designed bike commuter backpacks that offer unique benefits to cyclists. Its special design and workmanship help commuting cyclists conveniently haul essentials to their destination, enhancing comfort during the ride.

A primary function of this bike trunk bag is to offer ample storage space for commuting cyclists, enabling them to neatly arrange their essentials for easy accessibility during the ride. Its numerous storage spaces can accommodate many items, including dedicated pockets for smartphones and small items, and a main compartment for storing other necessities. A specially designed protective nook for laptops provides added safety during the ride.

Durability is another noteworthy attribute of this bike commuter bag. It’s rugged and can withstand adverse weather conditions. Additionally, external straps come in handy for extending the bag’s capacity when required. Impressively, even when fully packed, the bag maintains its aesthetic appeal without compromising the interior contents’ safety.

A highlight of this biker backpack is its versatility. Although primarily designed for bike commuting, I’ve found it to be useful in various scenarios such as carrying my laptop to a café for work or packing it full for business trips. The backpack provides generous storage, accommodating a plethora of items.

The bag even comes with added bike accessories that enhance your biking experience. These include an on-strap bottle opener for quick refreshment needs, an external side pocket for storing water bottles, and exterior webbing designed to attach items such as keys using carabiners.

  • Designed to facilitate organized storage within the bag
  • Features a rugged roll-top pack solely for laptop storage
  • Offers a substantial storage capacity of a minimum of 30 liters
  • Includes a ventilated back panel to provide wearer’s comfort
  • Has an external side pocket dedicated to water bottle storage
  • Comes with extra accessories like a bottle opener and a separate laptop pocket
  • Keep in mind, the straps are thin and rigid

THE NORTH FACE Recon Laptop Backpack

The North Face Pivoter Backpack

Bike commuting as a lifestyle choice is growing steadily in popularity. This involves using bikes for diverse activities such as commuting to work, running errands, shopping, and more. A challenge accompanying this lifestyle is finding a backpack suitable to accommodate all the necessary items during the ride. To combat this issue, North Face offers a bike bag designed to house all the items a biker might need on their journey.

What sets this bag apart for me, especially, is its ample storage space. It features two water bottle pockets on either side and a dedicated laptop space in the main compartment, which can also be used to store larger items such as lunch bags or extra clothes. The two pockets at the front are ideal for storing smaller items, particularly electronic devices like mobile phones.

In addition to offering storage, this bike commuter backpack prioritizes user comfort on the road. Unlike other bags that come with uncomfortable, stiff padding, this bag uses a FlexVent system suspension feature, which makes it more flexible. Its padded mesh back panel and breathable lumbar support promote proper ventilation, adding to the overall comfort.

The backpack’s design also focuses on user convenience. Dual top handles enable diverse carrying styles, while the external pockets allow for swift access to stored items. The two additional water bottle pockets offer supplemental storage if needed.

Despite its generous storage capacity, this bike commuter bag remains compact, even when packed to capacity. Notably, it doesn’t protrude excessively nor feels heavy when fully packed, making it particularly suited for daily bike commuting.

  • Designed to ensure optimum ventilation, enhancing user comfort
  • Crafted to organize diverse items neatly inside
  • Comes with dual top handles to offer versatility and ease of transportation
  • Includes two water bottle pockets for additional storage options
  • Features reflective details to augment visibility in low-light conditions
  • Note that the front pockets are without zippers

Thule Lithos Backpack

Thule Lithos Backpack

When it comes to bike commuting, selecting the right bag for daily use is paramount. If you require protection for valuable items against rain, a top-quality waterproof commuter backpack is essential. Conversely, if you prefer to travel light, a simple backpack, like this one from Thule, is an excellent choice. This backpack is uniquely designed for minimalist bike commuters, fulfilling their daily commuting needs.

A standout feature of this product is its ability to provide sufficient space for commuters’ essentials, without compromising on its slim and minimalistic profile. It includes an excellent laptop compartment and a main compartment with a small net pocket for smaller items.

An additional noteworthy feature of this backpack is its build and construction quality. The laptop slot is well-padded and secure, while the taller side pocket offers an advantage over regular pockets. The adjustable backpack flaps ensure a comfortable fit whether the backpack is lightly or heavily packed, which intelligently optimizes the backpack’s capacity.

The backpack’s slim, stylish design echoes the convenience and sophistication of a traditional handheld shoulder bag. Its form-fitting design enhances the comfort level for bikers. The tight weave of the backpack’s material keeps it from being bulky, and a few external pockets contribute to its compact profile.

In essence, the Thule backpack is a sleek, minimalist bag with organized pockets. If you are someone who prefers to carry less during your daily bike commute, this backpack will meet your needs. It is not just comfortable to hold but is also cozy for cyclists.

  • Features a sleek, slim, and minimalist design
  • Offers ample storage options both internally and externally
  • Promises durability and robustness due to its premium material and construction
  • Includes side pockets for quick and easy access
  • Boasts perfectly padded straps for enhanced comfort
  • Back padding ensures proper ventilation
  • It has limited additional pockets

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

A crucial aspect of bike commuting is having a backpack that fits your needs in terms of carrying various items daily. If you often carry a load of items during your commute, I recommend this advanced Matein bike commuter backpack.

Comparing this backpack to others reviewed earlier, it shares similar features but stands out due to its advanced design. This is the only recommended backpack equipped with a built-in USB port design, featuring an internal charging cable that lets you conveniently charge your phone while cycling. Note that a portable charger is required to utilize this feature.

The bag’s design, in terms of storage capacity and build quality, also impresses. It features three main compartments with numerous pockets for organized storage. The backside compartment can accommodate most electronic devices, while the middle compartment holds a battery pack to facilitate in-bag phone charging. The front compartment is designed for smaller items like pens or earbuds.

The overall design of this bag is commendable for its meticulous planning and thoughtful arrangement. For instance, the rear pocket situated at the back of the bag can hide items from public view. The middle and back compartments can be secured with luggage locks for safety during rides. Additionally, the padding on the straps and back offers user comfort.

The backpack also features adjustable straps of superior quality. The metal zippers are robust, while the extra straps at the top provide an alternative carrying option if you prefer not to wear it on your back. A unique feature is the buckle in the front pocket, providing secure storage for your keys.

  • Offers abundant storage with numerous compartments and extra pockets
  • Features an anti-theft pocket at the rear to secure valuable items
  • Incorporates a distinct USB port design, allowing for convenient phone charging
  • Equipped with breathable shoulder straps and ventilated padding for enhanced comfort
  • Constructed from sturdy, durable materials for long-term use
  • However, the straps may lack adequate stability

RUPUMPACK Hiking Hydration Backpack

RUPUMPACK Hiking Hydration Backpack

One of the challenges faced by daily bike commuters, especially those covering long distances, is staying adequately hydrated. In such scenarios, Rupumpack’s hydration backpack serves as the perfect commuter backpack, combining vast storage space with hydration needs.

Among the many impressive features this backpack offers, the standout is undoubtedly the hydration pack. The included water bladder and insulated hydration layer are particularly beneficial for daily bike commuters who require consistent hydration during long rides. The water bladder can carry up to 2.5 liters of water, sufficient to meet the biker’s hydration needs.

Another noteworthy feature of this commuter backpack is its unique compartment design, which allows for easy access to the stored items. The multiple interior compartments enable organized storage as per your preference, with additional side pockets available for small items like mobile phones and other electronic devices.

The backpack is also designed with the biker’s comfort in mind. The provision of chest and buckle straps ensures the bag fits snugly against the body, while extra padding at the back adds ventilation, promoting air circulation to alleviate sweating and boost comfort.

The remarkable quality of this product is also evident. The comfortable padding, excellent stitching, and additional small zipper pockets on the waistband for extra storage space testify to its superiority.

  • Comes with top-grade nylon lining and a zipper closure
  • Includes a complimentary water bladder and an insulated hydration layer to keep the cyclist hydrated
  • Features a distinctive compartment design and numerous additional pockets
  • Ventilated mesh padding and buckle straps ensure added comfort
  • Utilizes high-density and robust nylon materials in its construction
  • However, the zipper pulls are relatively small

OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

Comfort and convenience on the road are pivotal when bike commuting. Having an appropriate backpack to carry your essentials is paramount. In this regard, Ogio’s waterproof commuter backpack for cycling is an excellent choice, designed to protect all your belongings during the commute.

One advantage of this backpack is the considerable storage space it provides. Despite its deceptive size, the backpack has a capacity of 1350 cubic inches, expandable up to 1475 cubic inches. Its large main compartment and multiple internal storage compartments can accommodate numerous items including laptops, mobile phones, clothing, and even shoes.

This backpack’s unique design increases comfort during bike rides. The bag’s zipper is positioned securely against the back, preventing it from opening due to wind pressure. Its aerodynamic design ensures the weight does not pull back on the rider, making it an ideal choice for bike commuting.

The design also eliminates the issue of straps hitting the cyclist’s side, a common problem with standard backpacks. As an added bonus, the backpack allows for the side attachment of a bike helmet, a highly beneficial feature. Reflective elements incorporated into the backpack’s design boost visibility in low-light conditions.

A minor drawback, however, is the propensity of the straps to loosen. Although a minor issue, it calls for improvements as it could impact the rider’s experience on the road.

  • Boasts ample storage space and multiple compartments for internal organization
  • Offers padded, ergonomic straps for added comfort
  • Includes an aerodynamic carrying handle
  • Features a fully adjustable strap
  • Comes with a dedicated shoe storage compartment
  • There is a tendency for the strap to loosen over time

LOCALLION Cycling Backpack

LOCALLION Cycling Backpack

The Locallilion backpack stands out as a bike commuter backpack, offering not only ample storage but also a hydration solution for your commute. The bag is specifically designed with a compartment to accommodate a water bladder for the journey, complete with a hidden channel for easy access to the water bladder tube.

This backpack impresses with its generous storage capacity. It can accommodate a wide range of items essential for your bike commute. External storage features include an exterior pocket, an upper zipper pocket, a zip pocket, and two mesh pockets. Inside, it houses a main compartment featuring an open pocket designed for housing a water bladder. Overall, it provides plenty of space for everything you need to carry on your daily bike commute.

The excellent build quality of the backpack is evident, providing substantial value. The impeccable detailing, ergonomic design, and perfect finishing touches are commendable. Additionally, comfort-enhancing features like chest and waist straps elevate the biking experience, as does the convenient helmet-attachment feature.

Padding enhances the backpack’s comfort, the backside is well-ventilated and padded, ensuring adequate airflow during bike commutes. Adjustable mesh straps mitigate shoulder stress, while waist straps enhance stability and reduce strain during the journey.

The Locallilion backpack is an exceptional bike commuter backpack. Especially when paired with a water bladder, it operates optimally. It provides a substantial storage capacity while maintaining a compact design, even at full capacity.

  • Constructed from high-quality materials for robustness and extended durability
  • Maintains its compact profile even when brimming with items
  • Ensures comfort with a breathable back panel and padded straps
  • Provides ample storage space with external and internal storage systems
  • Features a designated compartment for hydration systems
  • Includes a built-in bicycle net for easy helmet transportation
  • The waist straps are relatively small

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bike Commuter Backpack

bike commuter bag

Choosing the ideal bike commuter backpack involves considering several crucial factors before making your decision. Being aware of these characteristics will ensure you find the perfect backpack for your cycling commute. Here are the key aspects to consider:

Sufficient Space and Effective Internal Layout

Your commuter backpack should have enough capacity to fit all the essentials required for your cycle commute. Be it your laptop, spare clothing, mobile phone, documents, or other miscellaneous items, your backpack should provide enough room internally. Consequently, consider the backpack’s storage space and its internal layout.

A backpack with an effective internal layout will keep your essentials in designated pockets, affording you ease of access when required. This will also facilitate the quick location of items when needed. Backpacks typically house several compartments and pockets, hence an effective internal structure is necessary for easy organization and retrieval of items stored.

Light, Yet Sturdy

The backpack’s weight is a critical factor affecting the comfort of cyclists, particularly those covering long distances, where weight can become burdensome after prolonged pedaling. Therefore, a lightweight backpack ensures the cyclist’s comfort during their journey.

High-Quality Sweat Management

A common issue with bike commuter backpacks is that they can induce extensive sweating. Many manufacturers tackle this problem by creating backpacks with effective sweat management systems. Look for a backpack with padded straps to reduce shoulder strain, and backpacks with well-ventilated mesh designs at the rear to manage sweat by facilitating air circulation.

Durability and Water-resistance

Durability relates to the quality of the materials used in manufacturing the backpack. Aim for a well-crafted backpack made with top-tier materials. Furthermore, durability can be linked to water resistance — the ability to prevent water ingress and keep your items dry. A backpack combining these features should be prioritized.

Extra Features

Seek backpacks offering additional bonuses like extra accessories and features. For instance, backpacks with a compartment for a water bladder facilitate hydration during your commute, while some have dedicated spaces for a portable power bank for phone charging. Others might have spaces for storing helmets or other specific items.


cycling commuter backpack

Can you Fasten your Backpack to your Bike?

Yes, attaching a backpack to your bicycle is possible. You can start by placing the backpack upright on the bike seat. The straps should then be placed over the bike seat crosswise. You can then secure the backpack using a bungee cord.

How Much Should I Carry in My Backpack When Cycling?

There isn’t a strict rule on this, but ideally, the lighter the backpack, the better. Only carry the essentials, beyond that, additional weight leads to discomfort. Minimizing the weight of your backpack enhances your overall comfort while cycling. Thus, it’s essential to find ways to reduce the number of items you carry.

Final Thoughts

Using the best bike commuter backpack will make your ride enjoyable. It can be challenging to choose the best one, but understanding the crucial factors in finding the right backpack is essential. There are numerous backpacks on the market, but choose the one that meets your specific needs and requirements. After all, it’s all about your comfort and convenience while commuting by bike.

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