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I have continually stressed the importance of safety for everyone partaking in biking activities. A great way to ensure this is by investing in essential bike accessories that significantly enhance safety on the road. One accessory that I highly recommend, especially when biking at night, is a premier bike helmet light. This product offers an additional light source, making the rider more noticeable in the dark.

There are various advantages of using a helmet-mounted light while cycling. Notably, it brightens your path when biking during the night. Since it’s affixed to your head, it lights up the direction your head is facing – acting as an excellent safety feature for cyclists. Furthermore, these helmet-mounted lights can double as a secondary light source if your main lights fail while you’re on your biking adventure.

In this article, we present ten bike helmets with lights currently available on the market. Our recommendations are founded on personal experiences, comprehensive tests, research, and feedback we’ve received from our biking companions. Our ultimate aim is to provide our readers with the best cycle helmet lights suitable for night-time riding.

Best Bike Helmet Light Reviews

THREO Bike LED Light

THREO Bike LED Light

Combining practicality and versatility, this bike lamp is designed to ensure worry-free rides during the day, at night, or in low-light environments. The THREO LED bike lamp enhances safety in many ways. It provides a clear view of the road during nighttime rides, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents. More importantly, its bright light ensures you are seen by other road users, further minimizing the chances of unforeseen accidents.

Another feature is the powerful lighting the THREO bike lamp offers. Despite its compact size, it delivers substantial illumination, especially in poorly-lit areas. It features three lighting modes – low, mid, and high – giving you full control over the extent of lighting based on your needs or the existing lighting conditions.

Ease of installation sets the THREO LED bike lamp apart from many others in the market. The adjustable strap that it comes with ensures compatibility with all types of bicycles. The hassle-free setup is tool-free, giving you a secure setup in a snap.

Adding to its array of impressive features is the low-charge reminder. The lamp flashes to warn when the battery level drops below 20%, preventing the inconvenience of an unexpected dead battery. It allows you to recharge your lamp, ensuring it’s always ready for use.

Its dual-switch feature allows easy shifting between low and high beams, accommodating different road conditions, whether foggy or dark. It ensures that you always have the perfect volume of light for visibility and safety.

  • Provides enhanced safety by improving road visibility and ensuring you are seen by others
  • Offers powerful lighting with three adjustable modes for varying conditions
  • Guarantees a hassle-free and tool-free installation process
  • Low charge reminder function prevents unexpected dead battery scenarios
  • The dual switch feature caters to different lighting requirements
  • Sturdy long-lasting aluminum construction can withstand accidental falls

WASAGA Bike Helmet Light

WASAGA Bike Helmet Light

The importance of utilizing a helmet light while cycling at night should never be overlooked. Its safety and protective benefits should be sufficient to persuade any cyclist to consider this equipment. I wholeheartedly endorse Wasaga’s helmet light, having used this rechargeable light previously and been genuinely impressed with the quality it offers to cyclists.

Many remarkable features are offered by this product, but its weight and resilience truly stand out. Despite its small size, this helmet light is powerful enough to light up a broad area. It is also very lightweight and does not interfere with the wearer when installed on the helmet. The light’s durability is excellent, complete with a water resistance feature that provides protection against moisture or rain.

It also offers versatile lighting modes that can be altered according to its usage. This cycling light can be mounted on the helmet as a headlight or taillight depending on the cyclist’s requirements. There are three light modes to choose from if used as a headlight, and five modes if used as a taillight.

The light is powered by a battery and includes a USB port for charging. It can be easily charged using a computer, laptop, or other electrical sources. It comes with a USB cable, which simplifies the charging process. I recommend charging this light beforehand as it will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged.

In summary, this helmet light offers remarkable brightness and a long-lasting battery life. The standout feature is the LCD panel, which constantly informs the cyclist of the battery life status. This is particularly important when cycling at night, as such information is critical for safety. The light’s durability has been tested many times, as I have accidentally dropped it, but its lighting performance has never been compromised.

  • Doesn’t require a battery
  • Provides various light modes suitable for different biking conditions
  • Compatible with all kinds of bike helmets
  • Simple installation process
  • Includes a built-in USB charging port
  • The product manual is of subpar quality

Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Seeking an optimal mountain bike helmet light involves finding one that complements your headlight and taillight effectively, and enhances safety when cycling after dark. The Ascher rechargeable bike light is an excellent option, offering a unique blend of flexibility and sturdiness that ensures significant benefits for nighttime cycling.

Comparisons with the Wasaga bike helmet light reveal key differences, particularly in terms of what is included with the purchase. The Ascher helmet light is provided as a set, which means two lights in one package. Additionally, it employs a silicone strap for attachment, differentiating it further in installation aspects.

Personally, I’ve found this product to be among the best, meeting my expectations for night riding. These bike lights provide exceptional visibility in various settings, ensuring road users can spot you even in poor light conditions. The added adaptability of this light, beyond being attached to the helmet, allows it to be mounted anywhere on your bicycle, showcasing its flexibility.

Regarding light quality, these lights are extremely bright and last a significant time on a single charge. Despite its small size, the helmet light provides ample illumination. The strap’s tension is also noteworthy, securing the lights while they brighten a large area, adequately supplementing your bike’s primary lighting. Importantly, the helmet light also boasts a water-resistance feature for resilience against water damage.

Having used this light extensively to augment my bike’s lighting, I can attest to its effectiveness. It increased my confidence in having an additional layer of protection when cycling at night, providing enhanced visibility to ensure my safety on the road.

  • Features effortless attachment; can be affixed to the helmet and various bike components
  • Equipped with water-resistant functionality
  • Emits potent lighting
  • Offers fast-charging capabilities
  • Includes various light mode options
  • Rubber straps may be prone to snapping

VASTFIRE Mountain Bike Light

VASTFIRE Mountain Bike Light

The Vastfire Mountain bike lights are not your typical helmet light, offering a headlight and taillight in one package. This product bundle includes a reliable front light and a top-tier rear helmet light, enhancing visibility both ahead and for other road users.

Contrasting this with the Ascher bike light, both of which offer multiple lights in one package, uncovers a different approach. Unlike Ascher’s two similar lights, the Vastfire product provides a headlight and taillight option, adding value for cyclists. One light serves as the main headlight, while the other operates as a taillight and can be mounted at the helmet’s rear.

Conveniently, both lights come with their own USB charging cords. The front light takes about two and a half hours to charge, with the on/off button turning green once fully charged. The rear light stays illuminated during the charging process and switches off once fully charged. The most impressive feature of the rear light is its adjustable, rubberized lock and secure bracket, which easily attaches to the helmet.

The Vastfire helmet light is a highly visible light, ideal for nighttime cycling. Its durable aluminum casing guarantees the main light’s toughness, particularly under rough outdoor conditions. It can be mounted conveniently on the handlebars and can be angled left or right according to your preference. The mounting bracket is crucial, yet doesn’t scratch or damage the surface.

In terms of the rear blinking light, installation is a breeze. While I favor mounting it at the rear of my helmet, it can also be fixed on the bike post or other parts of the bike lights. The flexible rubber strap simplifies installation and the multiple flashing options provide excellent visibility to other road users.

  • The durable and tough aluminum alloy casing enhances longevity
  • A light indicator reveals the remaining power and charging state
  • Offers adaptability to accommodate various types of bikes
  • Equipped with a rechargeable light and bracket
  • Wide-focus beam ensures optimal illumination
  • Instructions in the product manual are unclear

Bright Eyes Rechargeable Bike Headlight

Bright Eyes Rechargeable Bike Headlight

While the Bright Eyes headlight isn’t a traditional bike helmet light, it can be used as one with the inclusion of a headlamp harness. This helmet light provides a comprehensive set for riding in low-light conditions, complete with front and rear lights and a few other additions that enhance safety while biking at night.

A significant advantage of this product is its durability and resilience in wet weather. In situations where you may find yourself cycling at night in the rain, this light is an ideal choice due its full waterproofing capabilities. This feature ensures that no water can penetrate the light casing during rainfall, demonstrating the light’s toughness and durability.

Another advantage is its adaptability to different types of bikes. The main light is designed to fit a variety of handlebars, ensuring compatibility with your bike regardless of make. The taillight is also versatile, able to be mounted in a variety of locations, be it the bike seat post, the rear of the helmet, or elsewhere on the bicycle.

Another intriguing aspect of this product is the additional items included with the purchase. Apart from an extra taillight, a headlamp harness and beam diffuser are also provided, allowing you to adjust the beam to suit your needs. Additional velcro straps and mounting bands for straightforward installation, an extension cord, and a charger for quickly juicing up the bike light also come in the package.

The only drawback to this bike helmet light set is its weight. Integration of a waterproof battery that attaches to your bike equates to an added pound of weight; this can potentially disturb the cyclist’s comfort, particularly while riding at night.

  • Completely water-resistant bike light
  • Adaptable design fits various types of handlebars
  • Comes with an externally rechargeable, waterproof battery
  • Delivers maximum brightness with an output of 1600 lumens
  • Includes multiple extra features to enhance riding quality
  • The battery carries significant weight

ThorFire Bike Tail Light

ThorFire Bike Tail Light

One frustration I have with many bike helmet lights is the recurring need to replace batteries before each ride. This inconvenience is eliminated by the advent of built-in lithium batteries, such as in the ThorFire bike helmet taillight. Famously known for its rechargeability and low power consumption, it is among the most user-friendly bike helmet lights.

An exceptional feature of this product is the array of light modes suitable for different road situations. With seven different lighting options, bicyclists can adjust the light according to their preference and the light’s role on the bicycle. Moreover, it’s available in various colors such as red, white, and blue, which augments the biker’s visibility, particularly in the dark.

Another excellent trait of this light is its easy installation feature, providing cyclist-friendly convenience. A one-touch button system allows for quick attachment of this bike helmet light. Furthermore, sliding the light on and off the mount does not require dismantling the mounting bracket; a simple long press of four seconds turns the light on.

As mentioned earlier, there is no need to continuously buy batteries to utilize this bike helmet light. With the incorporated lithium battery, all it requires is a USB cable linked to a power source, be it a computer, laptop, or power bank. This charging method is significantly more straightforward and convenient than continually changing batteries.

In summary, with its alluring light patterns and color choice, this product is fantastic. The various light patterns enhance visibility for the cyclist, making them more noticeable to other road users even in low lights.

  • Offers superior visual angle design and high visibility for added safety
  • Eliminates the need for battery replacement with its internal lithium battery
  • Features an array of light modes in various colors
  • Easy installation thanks to its one-touch dismount button
  • Equipped with an imported high-luminosity LED chip
  • In some states, this light may not comply with local laws

BLITZU Bike Light Set

BLITZU Bike Light Set

Whenever I consider a biking accessory, the highest quality products always top my list of preferences. The same criterion applies when I’m seeking a bike helmet light for my cycling endeavors. A cyclist needs a premium-grade helmet bike light for optimal illumination and visibility to ensure safety during nighttime rides. This is precisely what this US-made bike helmet light offers, meeting the demands of all bikers in terms of dependability and quality.

When compared to other bike helmet lights I previously reviewed, this product exhibits some common as well as distinctive features and advantages. It provides a similar combo to the Vastfire model, a headlight and taillight in one package. This option is particularly beneficial to cyclists seeking an all-in-one lighting solution for their bicycles. The main variation is primarily in the light design and quality of lighting output.

The mounting process of this bike helmet light is simple, leveraging a rubber strap to secure the headlight at the optimal bike location. The bike light proves stable once the strap is hooked to the bike and reconnected to the light, ensuring the light remains steady throughout the ride. Furthermore, the taillight can be installed at the rear of the helmet, enhancing visibility for other road users.

The front headlight is not only beneficial for nighttime rides but also enhances daytime visibility. It features a flashing mode that aids cyclists in navigating traffic. At night, the rear light increases visibility through three additional blinking modes when mounted on the helmet. The front light has a single blinking mode that helps illuminate the path ahead.

Augmenting this product’s convenience is an in-built lithium battery that recharges quickly and easily. The package includes USB charging cables and a micro USB port, compatible with most smartphone cables in your home. Best of all, this light can illuminate your entire ride with its low-power consumption feature.

  • Offers durability and a water-resistant feature
  • Simple to install without requiring any tools
  • USB rechargeable, eliminating the need for batteries
  • A versatile product, capable of serving as a temporary flashlight
  • Produces high-quality bright light with with more than 390-lumen output
  • The mounting system could use some enhancement

LXL USB Rechargeable Super Bike Headlight

LXL USB Rechargeable Super Bike Headlight

The LXL bike helmet light, a USB rechargeable headlight, ensures consistent performance during night rides. As a principal headlight attached to the helmet, it significantly enhances a cyclist’s visibility, making night rides safer and more secure with its bright headlight and extra taillight.

One key advantage of this bike helmet light is the convenience it brings to cyclists. Its built-in rechargeable lithium battery negates the need for regular battery replacements. Chargeable via a computer or any electronic device with a USB port, it takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge but provides around 10 hours of runtime, sufficient for most bike riding escapades.

This bike light is also remarkably versatile in its features and functionality. Beyond its primary use of illuminating nocturnal bike rides, it can serve assorted other needs. For instance, it can double as an emergency flashlight for various scenarios. When not employed for biking, this light can be utilized for running, hiking, camping, tire changes, and other situations necessitating emergency lighting.

Ease of installation is an additional advantage of this accessory. You don’t need any tools to mount this bike helmet light on the helmet or elsewhere on the bike. Moreover, it isn’t solely useful for biking but can be mounted anytime a bright light is needed.

The only downside to this product is the battery type used for the taillight: a lithium-cell battery. Despite the benefits of having a rechargeable helmet light, the additional taillight relies on a conventional lithium cell battery, necessitating replacement once drained.

  • The headlight is USB rechargeable, negating the need for battery replacement
  • Versatile in its application, it can also function as an emergency flashlight
  • Boasts durability and water-resistant properties
  • Installation is straightforward and doesn’t require tools
  • Comes with an extra taillight
  • The taillight operates on a replaceable battery

Yuwumin Volcano Eye Rear Bike Tail Lights

Yuwumin Volcano Eye Rear Bike Tail Lights

As cyclists, our goal is to seek top-notch bike helmet lights that contribute to our safety during rides. The Volcano Eye bike taillight is one such product, providing increased visibility and protection during night rides thanks to its unique set of attributes.

One key advantage of using this product is the enhanced safety it offers, day and night. Its exceptional visual angle design ensures increased visibility during nighttime cycling, while its daytime visible technology extends this visibility to daytime cycling. Thus, this product provides considerable protection around the clock.

Another benefit is the ease of installation this product offers. The durable strap enables easy mounting of the taillight to the helmet. Simply buckle the strap for secure attachment, then press the quick-release clip to slide the light into place. Notably, depending on your preference, the taillight can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

Furthermore, this product boasts impressive durability once installed on your helmet or elsewhere on your bike. An inspection reveals its robustness, attributed to air-tight construction. In addition, it features a water-resistance feature to prevent water infiltration during rainy conditions.

The only perceived disadvantage is the quality of the mounting strap. It can easily wear out and might break if not handled correctly, suggesting a need for enhancement to improve its quality.

  • USB rechargeable, eliminating the need for battery replacement
  • Broad-angle visual design enhances visibility
  • Daytime visibility technology boosts rider’s safety even in daylight
  • Boasts durability and robustness due to its water-resistant features
  • Easy to install without the need for tools
  • The quality of the mounting strap could be improved

NiteRider Lumina Micro 850 Front Bike Light

NiteRider Lumina Micro 850 Front Bike Light

Unfortunately, some cyclists underestimate the importance of bike lights in enhancing road safety. However, safety should always be a primary concern, especially while biking at night. One effective way to enhance this safety is by using a bike helmet light such as the NiteRider. This product, along with the Topside bike helmet light, are the most reliable options that I personally use.

The NiteRider bike helmet light notably augments your bicycle’s main lights, enhancing visibility at night. Its robust design, made from high-quality fiberglass and supported by nylon housing, ensures durability and reliability while biking at night.

In comparison to lights requiring battery replacement prior to each ride, this bike helmet light offers a more convenient alternative. Utilizing a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, a few hours of charging allows for ready use on the road. Moreover, the light’s lock mode saves battery life, enabling the cyclist to turn off the light when not in use.

I’m also impressed with the battery power indicator as it notifies the cyclist of the light’s battery level. When the light is blue, it indicates a good battery level. A red light, however, denotes a battery level below 20 percent and signals the need for recharging. Therefore, this battery indicator is a handy tool to stay updated about the helmet light’s battery status.

Another standout feature of this light is its quick charging capacity, facilitated by technology that halves charging times. While some products take up to three hours to fully charge, this helmet light can restore complete battery life in under 2 hours.

  • The lock mode feature allows the rider to conserve power when the helmet light is not in use
  • Battery indicator provides the rider with information on the battery power level status
  • Constructed with top-quality fiberglass and encased in a nylon housing for enhanced durability
  • Extremely lightweight
  • USB rechargeable, removing the need for battery replacement
  • Higher power usage is observed

Cygolite Metro Pro Bike Lights

Cygolite Metro Pro Bike Lights

“Extremely powerful” is the most apt description for this Cygolite helmet light. As cyclists, our safety and protection during night rides hinge on having sufficient lighting on our bikes. This involves equipping our bikes with the right front and rear lighting, adequately supplemented by something like the Cygolite bike helmet light.

Having used this light before, I can attest to its exceptional brightness. Its principal role is to provide robust support by supplying potent illumination during night rides. The impressive brightness boosts your confidence, knowing that you’ll be conspicuous to other road users in dim settings. It offers multiple settings for adaptable use in various conditions.

Beyond its brightness, this bike helmet light boasts remarkable build quality. The beam pattern impresses, but an add-on like the diffuser allows for a broader beam, which feels safer than non-diffused lighting. Long battery life is another plus point, providing over an hour of light at an output of 1100 lumens — quite remarkable indeed.

Biking at night can often deter cyclists due to safety and security concerns. However, using the Cygolite bike helmet light can transform your night riding experience into something enjoyable and reassuring. This product delivers the intense brightness necessary for a secure ride in the dark.

In conclusion, this bike helmet light is undoubtedly one of the best available today. It’s quality and extended light duration make it a highly recommendable product for anyone contemplating a night-time biking adventure. Beyond helmet usage, this bike light can also be fixed onto the handlebar or elsewhere on your bike.

  • Engineered to endure harsh and challenging environments
  • Comes with nine variable light modes to cater to diverse riding scenarios
  • USB rechargeable, eliminating the need for battery replacements
  • Delivers an impressive 1100 lumen of brilliant light
  • Proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A
  • The rubber cap on the charging port has a tendency to fall off

What to Consider When Purchasing a Bike Helmet Light

cycle helmet light

Using a bike helmet light while cycling at night is a necessity. Some cyclists opt to place it as a front light if their handlebars are cluttered, while others mount a rear light on the back of the helmet for enhanced visibility. Given these scenarios, choosing the right bike helmet light for nocturnal biking is critical.

There are several factors to bear in mind before heading to the store to buy a bike helmet light:

Light Quality

The quality of the bike helmet light refers to its intensity, i.e., how brightly it can illuminate the cyclist during night biking. As a cyclist, it would help if you opted for a helmet light that amplifies the secondary lights on your bike, providing enough illumination to view the road ahead and guarantee your visibility to other road users. This move could significantly reduce the risks of night-time biking accidents. For example, a helmet light outputting 1100 lumens boasts impressive quality.

Mounting Procedure

Bike helmet lights come with various mounting methods. Your job is to pick a model that is easy to mount on your helmet – it should fit snugly and comfortably, and removing it after each ride should be a breeze. I’m not a fan of lights that utilize rubberized straps for mounting as they tend to wear out and break within a few months of use.

In terms of mounting, I lean towards helmet lights that utilize a mounting clip fixed to the helmet. Once it’s in place, the light can simply be slid into the clip for a secure fit during rides. The dismount button enables swift de-attachment of the light.

Light Modes

Light mode features are another important factor in helmet light selection. High-quality lights offer various modes, allowing you the flexibility to modify brightness levels based on your riding conditions. Some helmet lights even feature pulsating and flashing modes to enhance visibility during nighttime rides.


The battery is a crucial element of the light, providing the power needed to illuminate and yield optimal brightness. Certain brands use varying sizes of lithium cell batteries to power helmet lights. An issue with this kind of light is the inconvenience of battery replacement once it’s run out. Despite this, lithium cell batteries are usually readily available in supermarkets.

A better alternative would be helmet lights powered by built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. These lights require only a USB port for recharging, eliminating the need for constant battery replacement. This is my preferred choice because of the convenience factor.

Durability and Sturdiness

Given that your helmet light will be exposed to various weather conditions during night-time riding, you’ll want a product designed to endure all kinds of rough weather. I prefer a waterproof helmet light, constructed with sturdy casing and high-standard sealing, to withstand rainy conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

night biking

Is it Legal to Use Bike Helmet Lights?

The legality of using bike helmet lights is location-dependent. While some US states mandate the use of bike helmet lights in conjunction with other strategically placed bike lights, they are prohibited in others, particularly those emitting a blue light. Therefore, whether or not bike helmet light use is legal depends on local government policies.

How Can I Attach Lights to My Bike Helmet?

The method of attaching lights to your bike helmet largely depends on the specific product. Some helmet lights come with silicon-based straps for mounting, while others utilize a mounting clip that is first attached to the helmet before the light is inserted.


Every cyclist must understand the importance of using the best bike helmet light for evening or night-time biking. Moreover, it’s vital to utilize it to its full potential to ensure maximum safety while cycling at night.

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