The Best Phone Mount for Mountain Bike 2023


Without a doubt, biking is always an enjoyable activity that offers numerous health benefits. However, it is also crucial for cyclists to have easy access to their phones while on the road. This can range from streaming music, using navigation apps, or engaging in various other phone-related tasks. Hence, bikers often turn to the best mountain bike phone mounts for easy phone accessibility.

This article presents six top-rated phone holders for mountain bikes, chosen through comprehensive research. Our team conducted rigorous tests on a range of products in real cycling conditions to evaluate their functionality, features, and many other aspects. The products we recommend are based on these test results. Continue reading for more details.

Best Mountain Bike Phone Mount Reviews

THREO Bike Phone Holder Rotatable Bicycle Phone Mount

THREO Bike Phone Holder Rotatable Bicycle Phone Mount

The THREO Bike Phone Holder is a winning combination of convenience, ease, and durability that supports any cycling enthusiast’s need for access to their smartphone. Features like unblocked access to the screen, buttons, and microphone make it an excellent tool for riders who love multitasking while on the go.

An upper hand of the THREO is its impressive construction that ensures a firm grip on your device, warding off accident risks. The non-slip pads tightly secure the device sans any scratches—a clear sign of reliable and mindful design.

Added to this is brilliant stability. The device’s double screw fixing maintains this stability even on rough terrains. This holder is in it for a good time and a long time, so your rides remain worry-free always.

The 360º rotation feature stands out predominantly, adding volumes to the user’s convenience. Whether an interactive session with maps or a quick switch between apps, this feature is a clear winner.

Unlike many other phone holders that are compatible with only specific models, the THREO bike phone holder accepts most phones. Its compatibility with phones between 4.7-7 inches showcases its flexibility, making it an excellent choice for families.

Made from high-strength aluminum, this phone holder promises an enduring user experience that will outlast your rides for a good count of years.

  • Access all phone features unobstructed
  • Superior grip and stability
  • 360º rotation for extra convenience
  • Highly compatible with varied phone models
  • Durable aluminum construction

THREO Phone Holder for Mountain Bike

THREO Phone Holder for Mountain Bike

For avid cyclists who want to stay connected, navigate routes, or simply enjoy music while riding, this bike phone mount is a vital accessory that makes every journey more convenient and enjoyable.

One of the highlights of the THREO mount is its non-damaging design. This product’s use of soft silicone corners guarantees your device’s protection, offering peace of mind that your phone will resist scratches and stay in good condition after extended use.

This holder uses four automated locking arms, ensuring your phone remains securely fastened, even during rough rides or jarring movements. The inbuilt improved stability further reinforces your phone’s security on the bike. The double screw fixing affords the holder the ability to remain steady, regardless of the terrain. This gives you confidence and assurance for worry-free rides every time.

Additionally, a distinct 360º rotation feature grants you effortless adjustments, perfect for GPS usage or accessible screen viewing. This feature enhances the holder’s flexibility and convenience, providing an easy solution to phone accessibility during rides.

The THREO Phone Holder boasts of wide compatibility, fitting most phones within the range of 4.7 to 7 inches. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for families or groups with different phone models.

  • Non-damaging design that protects the phone from scratches
  • Automated secure grip that ensures a phone won’t fall out during rides
  • Improved stability feature that remains steady on rocky terrains
  • 360º rotation for easy adjustment and convenience
  • Wide compatibility fitting most phone models within 4.7 to 7 inches
  • Durable aluminum construction for a long-lasting solution

CAW.CAR Bicycle Phone Mount

CAW.CAR Bicycle Phone Mount

Achieving convenient access to our phones whilst ensuring safe riding is paramount. This mountain bike cell phone mount from Caw Car Accessories enables you to enjoy those benefits while biking.

One impressive feature that sets this product apart is its universal applicability. This phone mount is suited to fit any mountain bike equipped with a tubular. Additionally, its design versatility allows for usage on motorcycles, ATVs, and even scooters.

The product provides excellent flexibility with its 360-degree rotation and tilt freedom feature. This offers riders the luxury of placing the phone at any desired angle for optimal convenience during biking.

Personally, I find the adjustable collar at the mounting point highly beneficial. This often overlooked feature enables easy adjustments by altering the tightness or looseness of the collar when tilting or rotating the phone. You can modify it according to the level of friction or tightness preferred for phone tilting.

Furthermore, this mountain bike phone mount includes a rubber sling that securely holds the phone and minimizes any potential vibrations while biking. The sturdy plastic gripping claw allows for easy attachment to any bike.

  • Constructed with a universal design compatible with various bike types
  • Allows for easy rotation and tilting of the phone for optimal use
  • Includes an extra rubber sling to mitigate road vibrations
  • Makes it possible for you to use your cell phone during rides
  • Not just limited to bikes; it can also be utilized on motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters
  • It may initially be a little tricky to mount and unmount the phone

IPOW Bike Phone Mount Holder

IPOW Bike Phone Mount Holder

If you’re in search of a top-notch mountain bike cell phone holder, the key factors to consider are the mount’s security and stability. Upon our testing, we’ve found that this particular product from Ipow ticks all the boxes – ensuring your phone is securely held and stable while you’re biking.

Firstly, the defining attribute of this product is its strong grip post-installation. This guarantees your phone won’t lose its footing, even on uneven terrains. The phone fits perfectly into the holder as well, preventing it from jostling about while you cycle.

Do note that the holder’s angle might deviate slightly when you encounter speed bumps, but it’s a minor issue. The holder features a 360-degree angle adjustment mechanism, allowing you to manually set the phone to the best viewing angle.

Additionally, I appreciate the unique construction of the handlebar clamp complemented by silicone butterfly hands. Together, they ensure superior stability for your phone, even on rough roads. Your phone remains securely held on the handlebar due to the mount’s solid base.

This mountain bike cell phone holder from Ipow is also incredibly user-friendly. You simply attach it to the handlebar and tighten the nut. It offers three separate settings, while its rubberized part allows compatibility with five different handlebar diameters.

  • Superb construction quality; delivers a firm hold for total security
  • Accommodates various handlebar sizes through adjustable installation
  • Designed to hold a wide range of phone sizes, including larger models
  • Engineered for top-notch stability, even on uneven terrains
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Elastic straps could benefit from a quality upgrade

Andobil Bike Phone Mount

Andobil Bike Phone Mount

The Andobil phone mount boasts robust security measures to shield your phone throughout your journey. It is equipped with all the necessary features to keep your phone safe and secure, even during a rocky ride.

This mount serves as an ideal iPhone holder for mountain biking. Its ability to securely grip phones of all sizes is impressive. Additionally, the ball joint facilitates effortless angle adjustments while on the move.

Its 360-degree swivel head is another admirable feature, allowing you to seamlessly switch your phone orientation from landscape to portrait, or any angle in between and ensure accurate positioning throughout your ride.

Stability is yet another remarkable selling point of this mountain biking phone mount. It is outfitted with anti-slip rubber pads and a sturdy support shelf that ensures the phone remains secure during the ride. The rubber belt also enhances grip, enabling a safe yet convenient phone usability.

What also makes this phone mount appealing is its simple operation. Mounting and unmounting are a breeze. You only need to attach it to the handlebar and fasten it nocturnally to secure the phone. The clamp’s adaptability also allows you to attach it to handlebars of any size with ease.

  • Designed to fit mobile phones of all sizes
  • Ensures phone stability and adjustable positioning at any orientation and angle
  • Constructed with a bar clamp for easy attachment and detachment of the phone
  • Features silicone straps that safely secure and guard the phone
  • Showcases versatile usage, suitable not only for bikes but also for e-scooters, motorcycles, and treadmills
  • The propensity for the bands to stretch over time makes the provision of two extra bands quite useful

Lamicall Bike Phone Holder Mount

Lamicall Bike Phone Holder Mount

The Lamicall Store mountain bike phone mount may have a simplistic design, but its efficacy in securing and protecting the phone during rides is remarkable, which makes it an essential accessory for cycling enthusiasts.

This mount’s universal design amazes me, as its vast adjustability can accommodate a wide range of phones. Not exclusive to iPhones, it is also compatible with models like Huawei, Motorola, Nexus, and more.

The mount’s one-hand operation feature is commendable. Paired with silicone pads, it protects the phone from scratches and vibrations. Even on bumpy roads, it ensures the phone’s secure placement.

The adjustability feature makes it undeniably efficient. It allows easy toggling between portrait and landscape modes. This top-rated mountain biking phone mount enables you to quickly answer calls or play music during your ride.

To top it all, installation is a breeze due to its adjustable clamps compatible with different handlebar sizes. Tightening the clamp doesn’t require any tools, further broadening its usability not just for bicycles but also for motorcycles, shopping carts, electric scooters, and indoor bikes.

  • Engineered to offer superior grip and securely hold the phone
  • Offers extensive compatibility with various phone models
  • Built with easy adjustment features to effortlessly reposition the phone to the desired preference
  • Includes silicone pads to safeguard the phone from scratches and vibrations
  • Easily mountable on a mountain bike
  • Mounting a phone cradled in a bulky case could pose a challenge

MaxMiles Bicycle Cell Phone Holder

MaxMiles Bicycle Cell Phone Holder

In the realm of bike phone mount reviews, most products are plastic-made. However, the MaxMiles mount sets itself apart. It’s constructed from aluminum alloy, enhancing its durability, strength, and phone protection abilities during rides.

What caught my eye was its ability to firmly hold the phone, boosting operator confidence during rides. This mount keeps everything securely in place. An added bonus is the side screw lever, which allows easy on-the-fly tightness adjustments.

When it comes to securing phones on the road, this mount rises above the rest. I’ve used it for off-roading and can vouch it has never let the phone slip off my bike. The included adhesive patch is a cherry on top, extending protection to the bike throughout the ride.

This product’s construction stands head and shoulders above the rest. The first-rate aluminum unit offers superb grip. No need to worry about over-tightening—this mount was built to secure your phone tightly during your ride, making it one of the most dependable bike phone mounts around.

Finally, the mount’s installation is refreshingly simple. It features an adjustable clamp that fits various handlebar types. An accompanying installation tool aids the mounting process, and attaching or detaching the phone can be accomplished with a simple gesture.

  • Constructed using high-grade aluminum alloy, guaranteeing longevity and robustness
  • Comes with an adhesive patch to keep the phone secure during the ride
  • Effortlessly easy setup, complemented with clear instructions
  • Boasts a robust metal structure
  • Includes an installation tool
  • Adjusting the mount to fit the phone may prove somewhat difficult

Sincetop Mountain Bike Phone Mount

Sincetop Mountain Bike Phone Mount

The Sincetop mountain bike phone mount, another metal-made entry on our list, is engineered from aluminum for optimal durability and sturdiness. The base and buckle likewise utilize this material, enhancing your phone’s safety during rides.

The aspect that first struck me was its straightforward installation. Simply bolt it under the stem cap, snap it in place, push the lock up, and you’re all set. Ideally, position it in the center of the bicycle stem, ensuring your phone remains conveniently within sight throughout your ride.

The construction quality of this mount is commendable. Despite the aluminum bracket being solid and well-crafted, it remains lightweight. There’s also a satisfying click upon attaching the mount to the bracket, and the locking lever seems robust.

Another highlight is the quick lock and release feature. It allows the simple attachment or removal of your phone with just one hand. When securing, push the phone onto the mount, and for release, unlock the lever while turning clockwise. This mechanism is simple yet highly effective.

From personal use, I can confirm that this mount offers excellent viewing angles for your phone. The 10-degree elevation angle allows for an optimal visual perspective while on the move. Additionally, you can position your phone either vertically or horizontally to match your preference.

  • Constructed from aluminum alloy for superior strength and longevity
  • Designed to deliver an optimal viewing angle
  • Features a quick lock and release mechanism for effortless attachment and detachment of the phone
  • Comes with a universal adapter to accommodate most mobile phones
  • Installed centrally on the bike to ensure the phone is always within your sight
  • The adhesive component of the mount could benefit from enhancements

Black Harp Silicone Bike Phone Holder

Black Harp Silicone Bike Phone Holder

If you own a Peloton or a home exercise bike, you’ll find the Black Harp phone mount a handy accessory. It offers easy access to your phone, letting you multitask effectively during your workout.

While most phone holders struggle with the thicker handles of Peloton bikes, this product is a standout exception. It’s designed for adjustable sizing to accommodate almost any handle.

Additionally, it allows you to switch between horizontal or vertical orientation according to your preference or workout routine. Its tight grip, even during intense rides, is quite commendable.

Not only is this phone holder impressively secure, but it also proves user-friendly. Its ease of attachment and removal implies its compatibility with a variety of bike types, not just Peloton. There’s minimal risk of phone damage, and you won’t miss crucial calls or texts.

What I appreciate most about this phone holder are its aesthetic features and durability. It has a robust design to ensure long-lasting use. Plus, it’s available in three vibrant colors, letting you pick one that aligns best with your bike’s look.

  • Crafted with a unique design offering multiple viewing options
  • Compatible with various types of handlebars, particularly those of Peloton and exercise bikes
  • Constructed from silicone, making it easy to maintain
  • Features diverse secure points suitable for different handlebar sizes
  • Offered in three vibrant colors
  • May have stability concerns

How to Choose a Mountain Bike Phone Holder

Navigating through the plethora of mountain bike phone mount options can prove challenging. But here, we have compiled some key considerations to make the right choice for your bike.

Mounting Style

The first consideration is the mounting method. Different products offer various installation features. It’s crucial to select a mount that fits well with your bike’s handlebar.

Strap-based mounts are quite prevalent. These function like a belt, ensuring a snug fit around your bike’s handlebar by adjusting through a series of holes.

Some mounts feature a locking lever system with a single attachment point that can be tightened or loosened using a tool. When evaluating these, consider your bike and how well the phone mount can be anchored securely.

Phone Security

Phone security is another essential factor. As a mountain biker, you’ll often navigate bumpy terrains, necessitating a phone mount with solid grip functionality.

Your phone is valuable, so the last thing you’d want is for it to fall, crack, or be damaged during your ride. Check how well the mount can secure your phone during a rugged ride.

Phone Compatibility

The compatibility of a mountain bike phone mount with your phone is another crucial element. Regardless of the brand, ensure that the mount fits your phone snugly.

The capacity of the mount to accommodate various phone types is important. Many of our featured mounts have a universal design that can fit phones of varying sizes.

Before making a purchase, ensure your phone is compatible with the mount for a perfect fit.

Phone Protection

The protective ability of the mountain bike phone mount is another important factor. If you bike in all weather conditions, choose a mount that offers persistent protection to your device.

Select a mount that safeguards your phone during rain, snow, or scorching temperatures, covering your phone against these elements.

Phone Attachment

Also, consider the ease of phone attachment. Having had experience with mounts that complicate the phone mounting process, I suggest that you inspect the ease of attaching or detaching your phone from the mount.

Other Related Information

Typically, phone mounts are installed in front of your mountain bike’s handlebars. This position provides easy phone access, given its direct line of sight.

For optimal usage, opt for a phone mount that facilitates elevation adjustment of your phone. This lets you quickly modify the angle for an enhanced viewing experience during your ride.


The optimal mountain bike phone mount will ensure your phone’s safety as you ride your bike. This involves keeping it secure on bumpy terrains and shielding it from adverse weather conditions. Crucially, it should also enhance your phone usage and visibility while you’re on your journey.

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